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Expert Solutions for Your Property’s Arboricultural Needs

Dream Image Tree & Landscape Service, LLC. specializes in a full spectrum of tree care for tree health and arboricultural needs. Plants and trees in the Texas hill country suffer from harsh elements, including drought and floods. Your trees need specific attention to thrive. We are experts in maintaining native trees and can assist you with disease diagnosis, disease prevention, trimming, planting, and removal.

We offer a consultation service for trees to ensure longevity and beauty for your trees for years to come. We believe it is only thorough understanding and appreciation for trees that we provide this positive, vital, and total tree care service. 

Dream Image Tree & Landscape services understands the necessity of pruning trees. The right tree trim can increase sun exposure and air circulation to help trees grow stronger and broader.  Sometimes we have to do corrective tree pruning on juvenile trees, to better develop the center leader dominance and eliminate undesirable branches. In order to remove the risk of diseases to your established trees, we may also recommend pruning established trees.

Dream Image Tree & Landscape Service offers comprehensive tree trimming and care services to the Texas hill country. Let us care for your trees and land to ensure are healthy and beautiful for you to enjoy today and for years to come. For a complete overview of our specializations, kindly see the list of services below.

Dream Image Tree & Landscape Services develops a tree care plan for you.  Call us today to get started and have the yard of your dreams today and tomorrow.

We Specialize in:

Ball Moss Management

Oak WIlt

Tree Trimming

Let’s talk about the plans for your trees. Our free estimates include concept that reflect your landscaping vision. Together we will finalize the layout and architectural plans to your satisfaction.