Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a very infectious disease which invades and subsequently disables the water-conducting system in oak trees. It generally spreads through interconnected roots. All oaks – red oaks, white oaks, and live oaks – are susceptible to infection. Red oaks are the most susceptible to the fungus, while white oaks like post oak, bur oak, Mexican white oak, white shin oak, Durand oak, Lacey oak, and chinquapin oak show some tolerance for it. Live oak and Texas live oak are intermediate in their susceptibility to oak wilt, but are the most affected due to their vast, interconnected root systems. Live oaks that are adjacent to infected trees are highly susceptible to transmission.

Dream Image Tree & Landscape Service manages your trees oak wilt by: preventing new infections, stopping spread through roots, fungicide treatment, and landscape diversification.

The Dream Image Tree team will trim and prune all of oaks should be avoided from February through June. In the case of a safety issue, as few cuts as possible will be made and the cuts will be painted to seal them. Infected red oaks that die in late summer, fall, or early winter will be cut down and disposed of properly to prevent transmission to healthy trees. To stop the spread of infection through roots, Dream Image Tree & Landscape Service uses a trenching machine to sever roots between trees at least 4 feet into the ground. For trees that are healthy, Propiconazole fungicide is effective in preventing infection. Early-stage symptomatic trees may also benefit from this treatment. The fungicide is injected into the tree’s water-conducting vascular system through small holes drilled into the root flares at the base of the tree. Healthy trees that are at high risk for infection are the best candidates for injection treatment. Finally, landscape diversification can help lessen the impact of oak wilt. Dream Image Tree & Landscape Service plants native species that will break up monoculture situations.

Dream Image Tree & Landscape Service has offered comprehensive tree trimming and care services to the hill country.  Let us to care for your trees and land so they are healthy and beautiful for you to enjoy today and for years to come.

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The most impressive thing about Dream Image Tree and Landscape Services is that they arrive on schedule, are within the budget that we set, complete the jobs on time. Matt and his team even replaced the product that did not make it through the winter and provided ideas for other areas of our property. We have been very pleased with Dream Image and would use you on future jobs and we certainly would recommend your company to others.

- Jim and Jayne T., Bulverde, TX

I've been using Matt's company for about 15 years and am very pleased with all their work. I've had full yard landscaping, multiple tree services (including oak wilt), sprinkler repair and construction of fountain base. I cannot say enough about the great service from Matt and his crews. Matt has extensive experience in treating oak wilt and has had success with one big oak in my front yard, which I thought I had lost, and several others in our neighborhood. I definitely recommend Dream Image Tree and Landscape.

- Lyndon H.

Superior service and quality! Matt is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

-Lee G

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